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Wealthy & Healthy Living

The major keys to life is living Wealthy & Healthy, and the Workout Your Wealth family makes it priority by creating custom wellness programs & incentives for all our clients.

Genobic is our service provider that is exceeding the standard of care by helping our members look, feel, and live the healthiest lifestyle. Take the guesswork out of what to eat and discover what foods are right for you. Optimize your lifestyle with customized workouts and nutrition. Get consultation from top medical and wellness professionals.

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How It Works

  1. Genobics team of medical experts will review your daily lifestyle activities, dietary routines, and provide a complete breakdown through a consultation of how our tests and programs works.
  2. The next step is testing. Genetic and food sensitivity testing are performed through minimal invasive procedure, an oral swab and finger prick. The tests are then sent to our labs that same business day.
  3. Finally, once your report is ready, we will then review specific opportunity to live a higher quality of life through nutrition and exercise. Contact us for more details and incentives!